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A brief insight into some of the support options Total Computer Services can offer​

Below you will find a brief insight into just a small amount of the support options we offer. If the support and service you require in not mentioned within these webpages then please contant us and we can happily discuss your full requiremnts. By utilising out engineering base, 99% of all IT regimes can be covered by Total Computer Services.

Network Services

Total Computer Services are able to offer a host of network services to the client. These include but are not limited to router/switch configurations, ADSL setup and monitoring, internet speed analysis, wireless setup and optimisation, powerline network distributions, VPN configurations, and remote access solutions. This is just a small list of the network solutions we offer so please contact us to discuss any solutions on consultation you require.

PC repair and upgrades

All PC and Apple Mac repairs and upgrades are dealt with in our static protected workshop or onsite at your premises. We also carry out full PC system builds which can betailored to specifically suit individuals exact needs. Why buy a new PC when you can have your existing tower systems upgraded for a lot less financial outlay or of a higher specification than you would get from a similar priced off the shelf model. Individual component upgrades are also carried out including graphic cards upgrades, memory increases, and operating system upgrades. 

Computer and network health checks

If your system or network seems more sluggish than it used to be, there is a good chance that unwanted application s or spyware/malware are running in the background. We can carry out full PC and network health checks which will highlight these unwanted applications and remove them to make your systems run as they used to. Generally these clean ups take no longer than about 90 minutes a system and create greatly improved system responses.

Training and consultation services

Have you ever wondered how to make your PC more productive for you and want to carry out more tasks on it? Let Total Computer Services come in for 2 hour training blocks to teach and consult you how to get more out of your computer. Consultation services are also available to help design your IT network infrastructures and discuss how to make your IT infrastructure as streamlined and efficent as possible.

Website design and Implementation

Below you will find a few web sites that we have designed and are hosting for clients. At TCS we do things differently in that once the design and setup is complete we allow the end user to self administer the site and carry out their own changes and alterations. Of course we are there to assist if difficulties are encountered.

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